TriFocus: Communication, Insight & Action Platform

The manual collection of energy usage data can be an error-prone and time consuming process.  Without an automated system to analyse the data collected it is difficult to identify trends and the specific actions that will decrease energy usage.  Baseline has developed TriFocus Plus, a web-based data collection and analysis tool to address these issues.

TriFocus is an advanced software platform designed to collect, correlate and analyse facility energy data.  Personnel input their facility’s energy into TriFocus by uploading their utility bills, or this data ports directly into TriFocus from devices such as smart metres and electronic control systems.  TriFocus automatically detects anomalies in the data to uncover errors.  All facility data is then analysed and presented as an interactive dashboard for head office, regional and facility personnel.  This process not only identifies opportunities for energy efficiency improvements, it also generates automated work orders to ensure the actions identified are actually taken.


Collect billing data, documents and comments from facilities

Validate and clean data

Automatic reminders and follow up if personnel do not input data on time



Present all facility performance in a unified dashboard view

Highlight potential performance problems

“Slice & Dice” to identify where action should be taken



Annotate and send corrective actions to the right place

Track completion and follow up

Continuous improvement of performance