RE:Vitalise - Recomissioning & Retrofit Services

Existing Facility Commissioning

The re-commissioning of existing facility MEP systems often represents the single most significant opportunity to reduce energy usage and eliminate long-standing performance issues. As time passes, electrical and mechanical systems 'drift' away from their optimal operating conditions.  This is due to a number of factors including the natural wearing of mechanical parts over extended periods as well as the tendency of service technicians to change controller setpoints in their attempts to solve unrelated operating issues.

Baseline has successfully re-commissioned hundreds of existing facilities throughout China.  These projects have achieved dramatic reductions in energy usage and maintenance expense as well as solving many performance issues.  We have often been able to improve indoor conditions at the same time as on-going energy usage is reduced.

Baseline begins re-commissioning projects by carefully testing and logging existing operating conditions. Baseline's engineers then work with customer maintenance personnel or service contractors to correct any faults and adjust controller setpoints and strategies in order to bring the facility to optimum energy and operating efficiency.

The energy savings alone usually result in simple paybacks of less than one year for re-commissioning projects.  The process also uncovers many additional opportunities for retrofit projects that can further reduce energy usage.

Energy Retrofit Projects

The retrofit of high efficiency devices to existing facilities can result in major reductions in overall energy usage.  However, in the past many energy retrofit projects have failed to produce on-going energy savings for a variety of reasons.  Baseline has many years of experience in designing and implementing integrated energy retrofit projects that have saved our customers millions of RMB.  Baseline has then been able to sustain and even improve those savings over subsequent years.