TenShield: Quality Supervision

The correct installation of MEP equipment is absolutely crucial to the stable and efficient operation of those facility systems over their entire lifecycle. For example, if refrigerant piping is not installed using correct brazing techniques, a refrigeration system will leak causing higher running costs for replacement refrigerant. Energy usage will also be increased, components will wear out faster and greenhouse gases will be released into the atmosphere.

To ensure equipment is installed according to technical specifications and best practices, Baseline provides on-site quality supervision services.  Baseline's engineers visit the site at predetermined intervals throughout a project to carry out a series of quality and conformance checks. The deficiencies and issues uncovered during this process are recorded using Baseline's digital data collection and reporting software.  Each deficiency is communicated to the applicable equipment supplier or installation contractor so they can be rectified.  Baseline's engineers confirm the specific deficiency has indeed been been fully rectified during their next site visit.

Baseline's quality supervision services are ideal for facility owners who have their own project management staff or third-party project management responsible for the coordination of the project overall.