DesignPilot : New Facility MEP Design Services

Baseline is a full-service MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) design firm and has extensive experience with just about every type of system that could possibly be used in a facility.  Baseline is a completely independent, privately owned company, meaning we do not have to endorse a particular manufacturer or installation contractor.  This leaves Baseline free to design and specify the very best options for our customers without bias.

Our strongest areas of expertise are with the following systems:

HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning);
Commercial kitchen extract systems;
FMS (Digital Facility Management Systems);
Electrical distribution;
LV (Low Voltage) systems; and
Plumbing services.

Baseline completes either concept or detailed design services, depending on our client’s requirements.  Either way, we start the design process by assessing our client’s key objectives and concerns so we can establish a clear design intent.  Once the design intent is set, Baseline completes drawings, guidelines/criteria, bid packages and detailed technical specifications customised specifically for each project.

For some projects we complete the concept design and then a Local Design Institute (LDI) does the detailed construction drawings based on Baseline's concept design.  Once the LDI completes the detailed design documents, Baseline checks those designs to ensure they comply with the concept design and the original design intent.  Any discrepancies are communicated to the LDI so they can be corrected.

For other projects Baseline completes the detailed design and also arranges for the drawings to be authenticated by engineers or institutions with appropriate China-based accreditation.

If you are facing a specific engineering challenge, chances are that Baseline has the expertise and experience to assist.  Baseline provides services to trouble-shoot and solve the most challenging technical problems.  We also have a great deal of experience helping customers initiate major step-changes in the design and implementation of their MEP systems.