Shopping Malls

There are many types and configurations of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems for shopping malls.  Every manufacturer will tell you their specific system is the most cost effective and energy efficient.  Having been involved in the design and construction of more than 50 shopping malls throughout China, Baseline has the experience and the operating data to discern which approaches really do yield the best results.  We also have a great deal of experience in the planning and implementation of the diverse MEP systems required to service the various public area types, and tenants as diverse as restaurant operators, movie theatres and specialty retailers in modern malls.

Baseline has carried out sustainability-driven designs for new malls and has also implemented successful energy efficiency retrofit projects in existing malls that have decreased energy usage, while improving indoor conditions at the same time.  Baseline even helped one customer certify the emission reductions acheived in a 12 mall retrofit programme as carbon credits to be sold on the voluntary carbon credit market.

Baseline has also developed expertise in the diverse low voltage and information technologies required in modern malls, including security, public broadcast, car park control, and customer analytics.