Cold Chain

The fluctuation of refrigeration loads in distribution facilities due to outdoor ambient conditions and the temperature and quantity of product being stored in the facility present many engineering challenges.  Baseline has developed a modular design approach to cope with these fluctuating loads and also solutions to problems such as the humidity and temperature issues typically experienced in loading dock areas.

Baseline has also been able to help customers make improvements to the architectural design of their new distribution centres.  For example, local Chinese designers still tend to specify elevated, ventilated flooring systems instead of the more effective and cheaper floor heating systems commonly used elsewhere in the world.  The local tendency to include an additional external wall, rather than using the insulated walls themselves as the external cladding, also represents a significant opportunity to decrease initial investment, and improve the facility overall.

By using various technologies and approaches, Baseline has helped some of the largest distribution companies in China decrease their capital expenditure for new facilities at the same time as acheiving operating energy and maintenance expense reductions.

Baseline also specalises in the retrofit and redevelopment of existing distributions centres.  Baseline has solutions that minimise the investment required to convert dry-good warehouses into refrigerated facilities, and can also greatly improve the energy efficiency of older-style facilities.