Hypermarkets & Supermarkets

Hypermarkets and supermarkets feature more MEP systems than perhaps any other type of commercial facility, and Baseline has been designing and implementing these systems for many years. In fact, our expertise in retail engineering has been crucial to the success of Baseline from the very beginning.

Modern retail facilities are often multi-level buildings with shopping malls, supermarkets, public areas, offices and warehouse storage areas. The refrigeration systems in supermarkets are required to display and maintain perishable products at various temperature ranges from -20 to +15 degrees Celsius. Baseline has many years of experience in the design, installation and commissioning of these complex refrigeration systems. This experience has allowed us to test and refine our design practices and philosophies to the point where we can confidently say we lead the industry in terms of reliability and energy efficiency. 

The importance of correct and thorough commissioning of these retail MEP systems can not be overstated, which is why Baseline places such emphasis on this phase of every project. In the past retailers have invested heavily in energy saving devices and approaches only for systems to be under utilised or even unused by contractors.  Baseline’s services ensure our customers get maximum return from their capital investment in these technologies by ensuring control strategies and setpoints are optimised for energy efficiency from day one. Baseline has also developed its own automated pattern recognition software tools to monitor and send notifications when key equipment is not running correctly.