Commercial Buildings

Large commercial buildings present unique challenges for MEP systems, particularly those occupied by multiple business entities.  Balancing the specific requirements of each occupant in terms of indoor comfort, lighting levels and other MEP services is a difficult challenge.  Sub-metering the energy usage of those entities so the building management entity can track and bill those entities correctly is also an on-going challenge.

Baseline has substantial expertise in assessing the key requirements for different business entities and completing MEP designs that match those requirements. This can often include establishing different design priorities and approaches within the building and even within the same business unit's functional spaces.  Experience has also proved that design, particularly control system design, needs to be flexible so that temperatures, air quality and lighting levels can be adjusted to match the specific requirements of the different business units.  Baseline has also developed cost effective and practical means for the building owners or operators to sub-meter and track the energy usage of its tenants and the shared public areas.

Baseline provides on-going remote performance monitoring services designed to ensure the key MEP elements in commercial buildings continue to operate effectively and at peak efficiency.