Case Studies

Integrated Energy Management Platform

In 2006 Baseline was contracted by Auchan, a major hypermarket chain, to design and implement a fully-integrated energy management platform. This program was dubbed PEMS, short for Proactive Energy Management System. PEMS elements include a fully integrated digital facility management system, a remote management control centre and roaming engineers all dedicated to intensely managing the energy usage of each Auchan hypermarket.

PEMS has been successfully implemented in all of Auchan’s hypermarkets in China and is included as the standard for all new stores 

PEMS has helped Auchan reduce store energy usage by over 32% since 2007. This equates to energy savings of RMB 475 million to the end of 2015.

LEED EB Certification

As part of its work for Auchan China in the area of sustainable development, Baseline identifies and then helps Auchan implement various sustainability projects. In 2009 Baseline suggested that LEED EB (Existing Building) certification be attempted for both of Auchan’s existing stores in Wuxi. Auchan agreed that not only would successful LEED EB certification demonstrate its commitment to sustainability but it would also provide sustainability ideas that could then be applied to its other hypermarkets around China to reduce their environmental impact. Both Wuxi hypermarkets achieved LEED Certification in late 2012.

Hypermarket Refrigeration System Design and Project Management

Baseline China has designed, project-managed and commissioned more than 50 new and retrofit refrigeration projects for a major hypermarket chain.   Baseline helped the client implement advanced design principals and thorough installation and commissioning processes to significantly lower the full life-cycle cost of the refrigeration systems used in its stores.

Compared to the systems implemented before Baseline took on this role, the hypermarket chain’s refrigeration systems now use 24% less energy.  At the same time, Baseline helped reduce the initial investment required for those refrigeration systems by more than 10%.

Hypermarket Mechanical & Electrical Quality Supervision

In 2008 Baseline was contracted by a major hypermarket retail china to help improve the quality, reliability and energy efficiency of the mechanical and electrical (ME) systems being implemented in its new stores. To meet these objectives Baseline provided supervision, quality control and commissioning services for all of the client’s new and retrofit projects.

This process has been carried out on over 200 projects helping achieve an 8.7% increase in overall store energy efficiency and a 50% reduction in refrigerant usage.

Refrigerated Distribution Centre

When Baseline was contracted to design the mechanical and electrical systems for a 20,000sqm refrigerated distribution centre (DC) in Shenyang it found the initial calculations completed by the Local Design Institute and the individual equipment suppliers were extremely conservative. Moreover, the approaches and technologies being suggested were not the most advanced technologies available and were not those best suited for use in a modern DC.

Working closely with the facility’s end-user, Baseline designed and implemented the mechanical and electrical systems that achieved the lowest possible cost of ownership and quickest return on the customer’s investment.

The end result was a facility that costs 52% less in energy to operate at the same time it is achieving better temperature and operating performance than any of the facility user’s existing DCs in China.