Our Approach

Our ideal projects are those that decrease a customer’s initial investment at the same time as on-going operating and maintenance expense is reduced.  Even when additional capital expenditure is required to achieve those on-going operating savings, the projects we implement for our customers typically show simple paybacks of between three months to two years.

Baseline typically starts out with new customers by carrying out a facility health check or a full energy audit. By having some of Baseline’s engineers carry out a field-assessment of one or more of the client’s existing facilities we can quickly ascertain the technologies and approaches currently being utilised and can also gauge current efficiency standards.  For an energy efficiency or sustainability project this enables Baseline to develop a list of alternative or additional approaches that could either be retrofitted to existing facilities or incorporated into the design of new facilities to increase operating efficiencies or otherwise decrease costs.  After the potential savings and cost impacts of each approach or technology are estimated, the client is able to choose which ones to implement.  Baseline then provides a proposal to design and manage the implementation of those new measures as a retrofit project for existing facilities or in the design and construction of new projects.

Another important step at the outset of any efficiency program is the establishment of a key energy metric or KPI. This allows us to benchmark different facilities in the same peer group, the customer’s facilities against industry standards and to measure the results achieved once the efficiency project has been implemented.

For new facility projects we initially spend time understanding and interpreting the facility owner or operator’s key objectives and concerns.  Baseline then works on behalf of the client to ensure the design intent is successfully implemented in the project from the design phase right through construction to on-going operation.