Management Team

Brendan Alborn

Brendan is a Kiwi who has been doing business in China for 20 years. He lived in China for 13 years, is a native English speaker and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. He started out in the commercial refrigeration industry in 1994 and was involved in many of China’s very first supermarket projects for major international retail firms, including Auchan, RT Mart, Carrefour, Lotus, Tesco and Walmart.

Brendan held senior management positions at Hussmann and Emerson Climate Technologies in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Sydney before founding Baseline. Before establishing Baseline, Brendan designed and implemented energy efficiency projects in China, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and South Korea.

He currently divides his time between Riwaka, New Zealand (population 300), and Shanghai, China (population 20,000,000). Brendan attended high school in New Zealand and Malaysia and is a graduate of Massey University in New Zealand.

Joey Xu
General Manager

Joey is a native of Shanghai, speaks Mandarin Chinese and is fluent in English. Before founding Baseline he held senior positions at Unilever and Hussmann Ingersoll-Rand. Joey has been involved in hundreds of landmark construction projects around China, including the Walls Taichang ice cream factory and new store projects for every major domestic and international retailer operating in China.

Joey is a genuine engineering nerd. He is at his happiest when presented with seemingly insurmountable technical challenges in every single area of MEP.

Joey attended high school in Shanghai and has a Bachelor of Engineering from Shanghai’s Ocean University.

Mike Hall
Director of Product Development

Mike is an Australian who has lived in Shanghai for last eight years.  Mike has a wide-ranging background in technology, education, media and design.  As Director of Product Development for Baseline Mike has designed and implemented Baseline's integrated digital platform to manage the entire process of designing, constructing and maintaining commercial buildings.  

Prior to joining Baseline in 2011 Mike foundered Nine Lanterns, a leading boutique eLearning company in Australia.  Over his career, Mike has successfully implemented dozens of technology-led step-change projects for a range of corporations and Australian government organisations.


Su Zhonghua
Senior Project Manager

Su Zhonghua started his career with Triangle Refrigeration Shanghai in 1999 as an installation technician. He then worked for an independent refrigeration contractor called Surelux where he was promoted to Project Manager. During the early 2000s Su Zhonghua worked on projects for all of the major supermarket chains operating in China.

In 2007 Su Zhonghua joined Baseline as Project Manager as one of the company's first hires. Within a short space of time he expanded his skill-set and knowledge into other engineering areas such as HVAC and digital controls. Su Zhonghua is now one Baseline's most senior and experienced project managers and has worked on projects for all of Baseline's major customers.

Zhao Hua
Design Department Manager

Zhao Hua heads up Baseline's Design Department and is native to Shanghai. He has a degree from the Shanghai Fisheries University majoring in refrigeration. Before joining Baseline Zhao Hua worked for Nakano Refrigeration as a design engineer and for Ingeroll-Rand in design, application engineering and project management. In these roles Zhao Hua was personally responsible for the design and implementation of refrigeration systems for every major retailer operating in China and a number of prominent distribution centres.

Since joining Baseline Zhao Hua has expanded his knowledge and experience to almost every other area of facility engineering. With his natural inclination and interest in researching and learning about any new topic, Zhao Hua is constantly updating his skill set and knowledge.

Zhou Pinghan
Project Services Manager

Zhou Pinghan has a degree in automation from Shanghai's Luwan University. He has over 30 years of experience in electrical and mechanical engineering. Zhou Pinghang built up extensive experience in the maintenance and repair of medical instruments before moving into refrigeration engineering with Hussmann/Ingersoll-Rand in 2000. After ten years managing the service and maintenance department and leading the company's electrical design work he joined Baseline in 2010.

Zhou Pinghan is Baseline's Project Services Manager and the company's 'go to' person for the trouble-shooting of complex technical problems!